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Yifan David Li
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Yifan David Li

Company: Hesai
Title: CEO and Co-founder
Fields of operation: Education, Digital, Technology

Dr. Yifan “David” Li is the CEO and Co-founder of Hesai. He received his PhD in Robotics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his BS Degree from Tsinghua University. Prior to founding Hesai, Dr. Li served as the principal engineer at Western Digital Corporation in Silicon Valley, specializing in advanced motion control systems for the robotic systems on hard drives. Dr. Li has received multiple awards, including China's National Thousand Talent Program and CYZone 30 Under 30. In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, triathlon, and photography. He is also an electronics hobbyist, and his most memorable project to date is a mechatronic diamond he designed when proposing to his wife several years ago.