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Peter Wilfahrt
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Peter Wilfahrt

Company: Diono
Title: Chief Digital Officer
Location: Seattle, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Peter Wilfahrt (born September 18, 1986, in Bavaria) is a German author, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “digital native”. He is also notable in the IT security industry and has been active there for over 15 years in addition to being a co-founder of various start-up companies. He has been noted for his initiatives for the chamber of commerce for Upper Franconia in the field of digitization and IT security. Most notably, he spearheaded the topics of IT security and sensitized companies and represented the chamber of commerce for Upper Franconia in nationwide committees and working groups.

Peter Wilfahrt sold his latest innovative process engineering startup through a Leveraged Buyout in 2018. After that he switched industries and joined Diono as Chief Digital Officer.