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Nora Gomringer
Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia
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Nora Gomringer

Company: Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia
Title: Director
Location: Bamberg, Germany

Nora Gomringer, born in 1980, is Swiss and German. She lives in Bamberg, where she works on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria as the director of the International Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia.
She has held lectureships in poetics at the universities of Koblenz-Landau, Kiel, Sheffield and Vienna, and – alongside Philipp Scholz – will in 2018 be conferred the honour of the poetics professorship at the University of Klagenfurt.
Since 2000, she has produced 8 volumes of poetry, as well as two volumes of essays and numerous short stories, radio plays, spoken texts and (operatic) libretti.
Her most recent publications are the volumes which make up her ‘Trilogy of Surfaces and Invisibilities’: Monster Poems (2013), Morbus (2015) and MODEN (2017), published by Voland & Quist (and illustrated and designed by Reimar Limmer), as well as the collection of spoken texts Achduje (2015), published by the Verlag für Gesunden Menschenversand, Lucerne. Her texts accompany Andreas Herzau’s volume of photography Bamberg Symphony (2016), published by Hatje Cantz, and in 2015 she was invited by the Maximilians-Gesellschaft in Stuttgart to edit her work Lockbuch, which incorporates her own digital photos.
Her writing also includes collaborations with musicians such as the jazz drummers Philipp Scholz and Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer and the pianist and composer Ulrike Haage. Many of her texts have been set to music, by – among others – Philipp Scholz, Wortart Ensemble, Julia Mihaly, Paul Engel, Iris ter Schiphorst and Helga Pogatschar.
She is on tour with two projects in 2017/18: Peng Peng Peng by Gomringer+Scholz, and Günter Grass’ Grimms Wörter, with ‘Baby’ Sommer.
Individual texts have been translated into Breton, Spanish, English, Farsi, Norwegian, Flemish, Italian, French, Russian, Swedish and Japanese. Critical editions of her works are available in French (2011), Swedish (2014), Belarusian (2016), and English (2018!).
Besides her individual and themed readings, she also offers workshops using her texts set to music (with percussionist Philipp Scholz) and enjoys visiting schools to give readings, and meet pupils and teachers. With Judith Kinitz, she offers a beginners’ workshop for poetry films.
Since 2015, Gomringer has been shooting poetry films with Judith Kinitz, and episodes of the show Lyrischer Zwischenruf (Lyrical Interjection) for the broadcaster 3sat with Maren Adler. She has created a number of works as contributions to exhibitions (list on request). In 2016/17, her work and that of her father, the poet Eugen Gomringer, were the focus of the exhibition Gomringer & Gomringer at Zürich’s literary museum Strauhof (curated by Remi Jaccard and Gesa Schneider).
In the last few years, she has curated the poetry festivals Frauenfeld (2013) and Mexico City’s Casa del Lago, and the series Villa Wild, the latter since 2016 with Martin Beyer.
Special awards (complete list, to be read chronologically!)

Residency scholarship at the Goethe Institute at the Villa Kamagowa in Kyoto (three months, in collaboration with Philipp Scholz: Jazz in Japan): Autumn 2016
Ingeborg Bachmann Prize 2015
Weilheimer Literature Prize 2015
The European Medal of the Free State of Bavaria 2015
Residency scholarship at the Goethe Institute in Helsinki: Autumn 2014
Joachim Ringelnatz Prize 2012
Jacob Grimm German Language Prize 2011
(among others) She is very active on social networks, and can be found on Facebook (Nora-Eugenie Gomringer), Twitter and Instagram (noraegomringer).

She is involved in social work with the handicapped, and is a juror in numerous panels.
She is on the board of trustees at the University of Bamberg, and is a member of the foundation council at the Buchheim Museum and of the university council at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg.

She has for many years been accumulating a private collection of contemporary art, and she writes a poem about each work. In 2018, her collection is to be presented for the first time on a larger scale. Texts about works of art are Gomringer’s passion. She is often to be found in museums and the cinema.