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Keith Boesky
Boesky & Company
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Keith Boesky

Company: Boesky & Company
Title: Principal
Location: Pacific Palisades, United States
Fields of operation: Entertainment, Digital, Technology

Through his work as an attorney with Cooley, president of Eidos Interactive, Inc., an agent with International Creative Management and principal of Boesky & Company, Keith Boesky has been defining the intersection of the content and technology communities for over twenty years.
Mr. Boesky works with clients in media, finance and technology to cross the technology and media divides as well as very real geographical borders. Representative clients include Morgan Stanley, Apple, Universal Studios, Paramount and Spil Games.
He is an advisor to Osterhout Design Group and improbable, on the advisory boards of Futurefly Battlefy, and Scopely, was on the advisory board of Riot Games and is on the board of directors of Played.
While he does not especially like dealing with film, he is responsible for the top three grossing game to film transitions of all time
Mr. Boesky is an adjunct professor in Carnegie Mellon University’s MEIM program where he teaches the business of games.
He lives in Pacific Palisades, California with his wife Sari and son Kevin.