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Felix Baaken
Wirecard AG
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Felix Baaken

Company: Wirecard AG
Title: Head of Omnichannel Analytics
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

In 2014, Felix had a successful exit of his start-up in the consumer loyalty space to Wirecard AG, a leading global technology provider for electronic payment across all sales channels (www.wirecard.com). Before this, he studied economics and computer science at the TU Munich and well as technology management at the Center for Digital Technology and Management. He joined Wirecard as a product lead in the value-added services department. In this role, he developed several innovations, including retail integration technology, QR code-based payment acceptance like Alipay and WeChat Pay as well as loyalty analytics solutions for merchants and stakeholders. Since 2016, as Head of Omnichannel Analytics at Wirecard, he has been developing integrated business analytics solutions that help propel the digital strategy of Wirecard’s customers and partners. He is passionate about machine learning, AI and advanced analytics approaches.