Viola Zimmer

Viola Zimmer Kuniri

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Berlin, Germany

Business category

Art, Design, Culture

Viola is co-founder and CEO of Kuniri, a nonprofit company based in Munich educating and employing refugees who want to work in Design or fashion industry. After starting as a voluntary cultural project in 2014, Kuniri has grown into a academy giving refugees the chance to learn a craft, strengthen their language skills and most importantly creating a community and a network that helps the participants to gain independence. KUNIRI now takes a next step building an Academy in Berlin with Viola as head of the team in Berlin. Within Berlin Viola has already a quite broad network of of people working in refugee projects as well as design which will be the foundation of a KUNIRI Berlin network. In the course of her studies of Anthropology she is very aware of intercultural sensitization and is able to adopt different cultural perspectives. With Kuniri she is following her wish bringing people with diverse backgrounds together and create a respectful and sustainable interaction.

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