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DLD News


Manging Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a central category in the conversation about the much discussed digital transformation. There is uncertainty as to which technical innovations will actually have a lasting influence ...

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DLD Song by Mobile Steam Unit

Part band, part brand, Mobile Steam Unit is an NYC-based music conglomerate specializing in music for business. Founded in 2017, they seek to humanize entities and ideas through song. Fortunatly ...

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The Future of Love

Esther Perel is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. With her podcast „Where Should We Begin?“ the Belgian psychotherapist invites the listener ...

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Closing the Female Leadership Gap

Despite multiple and long-term efforts by business, legislation and politics to balance out the gender gap in corporate leadership, the figures of women in C-suite positions in corporate as well ...

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What to expect at DLD New York 2018

In less than two DLD will return to New York City for the fifth time on May 2, 2018. Steffi Czerny,Yossi Vardi and Paul-Bernhard Kallen will host the one-day conference in the futuristic IAC ...

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Pioneering Health Care Technology

Mary Lou Jepsen surely deserves to be called a technology pioneer. Most recently, she was an engineering executive at Facebook working on its Oculus virtual reality gear; before that she spent ...

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“Look for your soulmate”

Marc Samwer at DLD Campus Lecture

At DLD Campus Lecture, Marc Samwer, CEO of Global Founders Capital, talked to Stefan Winners, board member national digital brands at Hubert Burda Media, about the stellar ascent of the Samwer ...

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Glamorous Evening in Davos

Burda DLD Nightcap

As part of this year's World Economic Forum (WEF), around 600 guests followed the invitation to the Burda DLD Nightcap in Davos. On Tuesday evening, the Burda board members Paul-Bernhard Kallen, ...

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Is Authenticity Overrated?

Nina Weber

Is authenticity still an issue? Scanning through book shops and finding titles like „How to be yourself“ answer that question quite clearly. With these words Herminia Ibarra (London Business ...

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Make Rock Great Again

Aline Prigge

Can the right song get you’re ad campaign to take off? Can music accelerate your business and what would you have to do in order to make it happen? These were questions Lars Bendix Düysen (Sony ...

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We Are Running Out of Time

Marlien Koch

No wonder Christiana Figueres is called the “climate saver”. From 2010 to 2016 she was Secretary General of the UN Climate Change Secretariat. Figueres has made a decisive contribution to the ...

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