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Stanley B. Alterman
Alterman Associates Inc
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Stanley B. Alterman

Company: Alterman Associates Inc
Title: President

Dr. Alterman is President of Alterman Associates Inc., a defense industry and disruptive technology development consulting firm. He is currently a consultant with the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), various DOD organizations and contractors in addition to extensive ongoing entrepreneurial new start and fledgling company activities in energy generation, social networking and network-centric data curation. In 1985, he left government service in the Reagan Administration as Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, for Strategic Aeronautical and Theater Nuclear Systems. At OSD, his responsibilities included U.S. bomber force modernization (B-2, B-1B etc., stealth programs, cruise missiles and Theater Nuclear Systems. He is a recognized expert on the Tactical implications of GPS and network centric warfare, UAV swarming, advanced PNT and self organizing communications for Force modernization. He served as Chairman of the AOC Information Operations Senior Advisory Board and on SECDEF Rumsfeld’s DSB on Homeland Security. Dr. Alterman entered government service after leaving Raytheon as Exec. V. P. of the New Jersey EW Operation (formerly Kuras-Alterman Corp.). KA was founded by Dr. Alterman in 1970. Prior to starting KA, he was Director of EW Development at ITT Avionics. Dr. Alterman received his Doctorate at NJIT in Adaptive Data Processing while doing research at Bell Labs. on Ballistic Missile Defense. He has a Master’s in Communications Theory from Stevens Institute of Technology and a BEE from CCNY. Dr. Alterman was a Trustee for The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, and a member of The Association of Old Crows National Board. He served on The Editorial Advisory Board of The Journal of Electronic Defense. Dr. Alterman was awarded the 1987 AOC Gold Medal of Electronic Defense. He received the AOC Life Achievement award in 2002. He was chairman of the various OSD, AOC, AF NAVWAR (Navigation Warfare) Conferences.