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Joe Penna
Mystery Guitar Man
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Joe Penna

Company: Mystery Guitar Man
Title: -
Location: -, Belgium
Fields of operation: Media, Art, Design, Culture

Joe Penna is a successful, young director originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Joe began his career on YouTube during the recession when he decided, with the lack of jobs in Boston, to take a road trip to LA. Within a few months his channel, MysteryGuitarMan, rose from obscurity to become the 6th most subscribed of all time. His visionary style and playful content has pushed YouTube videos out of the realm of user-generated content and into the world of independent art. He is a one-man production team who directs stop motion and looping music videos. Joe believes in YouTube as a distribution platform because it allows him the ultimate freedom to create what he wants with the ability to include his audience in the creation process. He's worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Sony, Motorola, Microsoft, Loreal, & Disney. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he just directed his first national commercial for Coca Cola and McDonald’s and is getting ready to do his second one.