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Gilad Novik
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Gilad Novik

Company: InnoVik
Title: Investor
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Investor, Digital, Technology
Twitter: novikg

Gilad has over 20 years of experience in investing, product management and technology innovation, Significant European, US & Asian experience, world-class reputation in the technology, telecommunication and Internet worlds. Gilad joined the Hutchison Group in 2000 and taken on several senior strategy roles for Orange in Israel. He subsequently took on the role of Head of Innovation and Research at Hutchison's Global Technology Group in London in 2005. In this role he identified key innovations and assessed them on behalf of HWL 3G operating companies staying abreast with the latest market and technological trends. In his last role, Gilad acted as Horizons Ventures CTO from 2010 till 2016 and successfully identified and engaged with all of Horizons’ investments activities. Wining some of the key tech deals of the last 15 years in US & Europe. Gilad is a member of the Technion University Board of Governor and was ranked “Top 100 influencers in Israeli Hi-Tech” list for 2015. Gilad is Ex. Board member of: Wibbitz, Ginger, Magisto, Nipendo, Voyager Analytics, EyeWay, Medial Research, Me-Med, Hola.org, ShineSecurity, Lock8, Meekan, Stevie and Improbable.Io . Gilad holds a Telecommunications Engineering and MBA degrees.