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Gilad Harish
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Gilad Harish

Company: Lasova
Title: Founder
Location: -
Fields of operation: Other

Born: January 7th 1950, Jerusalem. Married to Sharona, 3 children, 2 grandchildren Education: Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University. LLB; History - Tel-Aviv University - M.A (with excellence) IDF: Camptain, company commander Admissions: the Bars in Israel and NY Attorny at law. specialties: Commercial llitigation, insolvancy, real-estate. Positions: 1977-1979 - associate lawyer -Hahn Hessen NY USA 1980 - present - partner - Harish & Co. Tel-Aviv, Israel Books: "Priorities in conflicting rights in bankrupcy"; "The lowest class - the homeless people"; "Survival in business"; "Double - parking" - mirror look at the Israeli Society; "The Talmim Plan" Welfare activities: Founder and chairman of LASOVA (www.lasova.org.il) Citations: The President Award for Excellen Volunteer; Torch Lighter - main ceremony Independence Day, Special Citation for service to the community - The Israel Bar