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Gabriel Shachor
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Gabriel Shachor

Company: SkySapience
Title: Co-Founder / CEO
Location: -, Israel
Fields of operation: Other

Brig. General Shachor (Ret.) served as an active operational pilot and commander in the Israeli Air Force for 28 years. During his service he had the privilege of leading the close air support operations as well as the operations and development of the UAV fleet of the IDF. From 2005-2008 General Shachor held the position of IAF Palmachim base commander.. All UAV platforms of the Israeli Defense Forces are located and operated from Palmachim. Throughout his tenure as base commander, the UAVs together with all other base operational units were constantly occupied in an assortment of missions during the Second Lebanon War, as well as in thousands of other operational sorties, accumulating approximately 100,000 flight hours. General Shachor is one of the most experienced commanders in the world in operating UAV’s. General Shachor was awarded an Israeli Military Decoration for exhibiting extraordinary bravery and courage in a mission on enemy territory.