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Fred Vogelstein
Wired Magazine
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Fred Vogelstein

Company: Wired Magazine
Title: Contributing editor
Location: San Francisco Bay, United States
Fields of operation: Other

Fred Vogelstein is a contributing editor at Wired magazine, where he writes about the world of high-tech business and finance. Since joining Wired in June 2006 and for five years before that as a senior writer at Fortune magazine, he has closely followed the transformation of Silicon Valley from a center of chip and software innovation into an increasingly important new media capital. In the process, he's written extensively about the search and online advertising businesses, and more recently about the new communications revolution it has helped spawn. He's currently working on a book for Farrar, Straus & Giroux about the new mobile platform wars and the cataclysmic changes in technology and media they have unleashed. Before Wired and Fortune, Vogelstein covered finance and high tech for US News & World Report during the internet bubble. He's also worked at The Wall Street Journal, Newsday and local papers in New Haven, Connecticut, and Los Angeles. He has been a fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University and has a BA in political science from Pomona College.