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Clark Parsons
Internet Economy Foundation
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Clark Parsons

Clark Parsons

Clark Parsons

Clark Parsons

will be speaking at DLD Berlin

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Clark Parsons
Company: Internet Economy Foundation
Title: Managing Director
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Business (non digital), Professional Service

Clark Parsons is the Managing Director of the Internet Economy Foundation.

Born in Alabama, he began his career as a journalist in Nashville, USA. He was Editor-in-chief of a city magazine and a consultant for Internet companies like CitySearch.

Awarded a Bosch Fellowship in 1997, he moved to Germany. At the Industrial Investment Council of the New German States, he advised US / UK Internet & media companies.

Other jobs include establishing a digital TV channel as Country Manager, working on a California-based travel startup during the dot.com era, consulting in broadcast media at KPMG/BearingPoint, and leading an international IT biz. dev. Network as Country Manager.

In 2005, Clark and a co-founder launched Vortel GmbH, a VoIP telephony company that sold in 2008 to Inter.net. He then led a global leadership school for the creative industries, the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. As its MD, Clark built a school serving senior leaders in advertising, marketing, digital, entertainment, design & media. Clark joined the Internet Economy Foundation at its start in January 2016. He is working to establish the IE.F as a networked voice for the development of a strong Internet economy in Germany and Europe.