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Auguste von Bayern
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Auguste von Bayern

Auguste von Bayern

Auguste von Bayern

Auguste von Bayern

will be speaking at DLD New York

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Auguste von Bayern
Title: Chairwoman
Location: Starnberg/ Leutstetten, Germany
Fields of operation: Science, Science

Auguste von Bayern is a zoologist who seeks to understand how animals, in particular crows and parrots think. Her research interests comprise innovative and flexible reasoning skills and vocal learning abilities of these birds.

Auguste graduated in Zoology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After completing her PhD on the social intelligence of jackdaws at the University of Cambridge, she became a postdoc at the Zoology Department of Oxford University where she investigated flexible tool-related cognitive abilities of New Caledonian crows. Since 2014, she leads the Comparative Cognition Research Group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology and runs a research station on Tenerife where her team investigates the cognitive abilities of different parrot species comparatively, collaborating with the Loro Parque Foundation, which keeps the largest collection of parrots in the world.

Auguste is keenly interested in wildlife, biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. She is chair of the Förderkreis Biotopia, Naturkundemuseum Bayern e.V., an initiative for the realization of an international Life Sciences museum in Munich, which will raise awareness for environmental issues and enthuse children for nature and life sciences early on.

Auguste von Bayern is scientist at the Zoology Department of Oxford University, specialized in comparative cognition and the mind and intelligence of crows and parrots. The goal of her research is to unravel the mental abilities of these species which are very distantly related to humans, but yet so intelligent. Auguste’s research career began with a PhD in Zoology at the University of Cambridge, entering the newly emerging field of avian intelligence. Since 2008 she works in Oxford on tool-using New Caledonian crows and on parrots. In 2011 she founded an initiative for the establishment of a Natural History and Life Sciences Museum Bavaria. Together with the Bavarian Ministry of Science, the aim is to create one of the leading Life Sciences museums in Europe at Nymphenburg castle. She also works for the Spanish Loro Parque Fundación and their world-wide conservation projects for endangered parrots, whales and dolphins. Her core motivation is to raise public awareness for conservation of endangered species, promote environmental education and to foster children’s interest in science and nature.