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Anil Hansjee
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Anil Hansjee

Company: mojo.capital
Title: partner
Location: london, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Finance, Finance
Twitter: ahansjee

Anil Hansjee is a digital media executive & investor, responsible over the past 14 years for major corporate innovation & startup investment programmes in large media companies such as International Data Group, Google and Modern Times Group (MTG), with deals such as Shazam, Lionhead (sold to Microsoft), sourcing Waze, FON, DotMobi (sold to Affilias) & Ubiquisys (sold to Cisco).
At Google EMEA, Anil ran Corporate Development, which included launching Hangouts and Google Compare, completeing over $450m deals and pioneering Google Campus.
Anil was most recently VP for Ventures & Digital Chief Investment Officer for MTG, the leading TV broadcaster in the Nordics & CEE.