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Competition in a Big Data World

DLD Team

In her opening keynote for DLD16, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, talks about the challenges in a global and increasingly data-driven economy. How to ensure a fair ...

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For Migrants, Smart Phones Are the Connection to Establishing a New Life

Tarun Wadhwa

Along the treacherous journey from Africa and the Middle East, migrants have used their Internet-connected phones to communicate with each other and share real-time information. GPS and mapping ...

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Your Website Might Already Be Doomed

Jonathon Narvey

Sometime between updating your blog (in the spring) and when you logged into Facebook this morning, the most reliable rule of Web 2.0 got flipped. Very few noticed — but soon, we all will. "Don't ...

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Augmented Reality: Living in a Virtual World

Bríd-Áine Parnell

For some years now, all the technology sector has heard about is the (eventual) coming of virtual reality. Then, out of nowhere, the focus changed. It's not virtual reality that's on its way down ...

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DLD London Breakfast: Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Serpentine Marathon series

Melissa von Faber-Castell

As a kick-off to the 10th edition of the Serpentine Marathon, DLD organized its annual London breakfast at the spectacular Zaha Hadid designed Magazine Restaurant. This year’s Marathon’s theme ...

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Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist on When Video Needs Exhibition Space, and Not YouTube

Nick Clunn

When Hans Ulrich Obrist thought as a teenager that he might want to work as an art curator, he knew of no schools that offered a straightforward curriculum on the subject. Undeterred, he designed ...

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Internet Bullies: A Vocal Minority Who Need Silencing

Rachel Solomon

In today's highly interactive and public Internet space, all content and individuals — even the most benign — are growing increasingly vulnerable to online abuse, or "Internet shaming." Whether ...

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Chinese Startups: Playing Catch-up and Adapting

Amy He

China's tech scene is a relatively young one with enormous potential. The talent pool is deep, and in a country whose burgeoning middle class is almost as big as the entire U.S. population, ...

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Startup Nation vs. Scale Up Nation: The Quest for Israeli Unicorns

Rachel Solomon

Israel has experienced an interesting phenomenon in its ecosystem in the last few years: startups have begun scaling up, instead of selling out, in the hopes of becoming the next multinational ...

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Will You Join the Transhuman Evolution?

Kathleen Raven

For much of existence, Homo sapiens have labored to simply survive. Now, centuries after technological and biomedical breakthroughs, humans can edit the human genome, print 3D body organs, and ...

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The Future of Education

Jack Heyward-Tuck

The very first DLD Academy brought together three thought leaders in the field of education: Esther Wojcicki, journalist, teacher and founder of the innovative Media Arts Center at Palo Alto High ...

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