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DLD News


The Powers of Coding – An interview with She++

Karen Khurana

While technology has an increasing impact on our daily lives from social relationships to politics, female computer scientists actively influencing these developments are still in short supply. ...

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Living and Working in the 21st Century

Gabriele Zedlmayer

What are the most valuable business skills in today’s economies and job markets? Beyond talent and functional expertise, companies now also seek people who can think and collaborate globally, work ...

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Now or Never - How Taking Risks Can Change Your Life

What do Sydney, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Addis Abeba and Havanna have in common? Journalist and writer Meike Winnemuth has ...

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Reaching Out and Doubling Business

Jeanny Gering

Imagine the population of a city the size of Munich, multiply it by five, now think of those five Million people as women. Imagine all these women are spread across the globe, in many different ...

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CULA Revisited - A Tea Set Designed by Olaf Nicolai

Lukas Kubina

Tea time in style. Olaf Nicolai premiered working with porcelain for the historic Nymphenburg manufactory in 2010. As the DLDw13 is taking place in this magic setting, it's time to revisit their ...

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Prototypes of a Networked Society

I am very much looking forward to joining the DLD Women conference this year – and I am quite interested in the topic of young women & the Internet. As a design researcher, one of my research ...

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A Dozen Chairs

John Gerzema

Many Israelis know that Shimon Peres had brought a new way of working to the office of the president, and one visit to the presidential palace is all it takes to see how. Efrat Duvdevani, Peres’s ...

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How Business and Philanthropy Merge to Empower

(Lacking) Corporate Social Responsibility by global companies recently has gained infamous attention through the collapse of a factory building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in April this year. Most of ...

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What is the weather you bring with you?

Julia Ju

During my time at Stanford I went to an event nearly every day: leadership conferences (why women are the better leaders), hero workshops (what you can learn from action hero marketing), food ...

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Firefox Developers are Mobilizing Against Data Snooping

DLD Team

The resistance against the monitoring program “Prism” is rising. Under the slogan “Stop Watching Us” Firefox developers oppose the monitoring of the Internet and telephone data through the NSA ...

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Nothing is Impossible. Jeff Pulver’s Personal Reboot.

Lukas Kubina

This is the incredible story of Jeff Pulver. One beyond 140 characters. It’s the story about his personal struggle to bypass the bypass, about hacking his behaviour patterns, circumventing surgery ...

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