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DLD News


Disrupting Science Research With A Social Network

DLD Team

David Kirkpatrick opens with the question that is on everyone’s mind, "So what is Researchgate?” It is a social network for scientists in which every scientist in the world can share and ...

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Danish Dynamite

DLD Team
***Design is turning the practical into poetry***

Jimmy Maymann from Huffington Post and Bjarke Ingels share today DLDNYC stage and make some Danish dynamite explode through a great conversation about architecture, design, cities and nature. The ...

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Gadi Amit: Making Technology Human

Ben Rooney

The future is supposed to belong to wearables, but try to find anyone today prepared to wear Google Glass in public. Even Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who for a while had a pair seemingly fused ...

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It's only the beginning!

Steffi Czerny

The real digital revolution hasn’t happened in the nineties. We are experiencing it right now. What we’ve seen in recent years; it was only the beginning. And that’s this year's theme of DLD. The ...

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Jeanny Gering

Content Marketing are buzz words for everyone in the digital marketing world. David Hayes heads the Canvas think tank at Tumblr and explains why brands have to ‘go native’ to be successful at ...

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