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Mobility and Culture

 1 Ocana was a car designer at various companies working on innovative and luxurious vehicles, but it was only after being fired three times from different car companies that Ocana came to realize that “car companies really don’t like me telling them that their product is obsolete.” He was far more ...

Jason versus Jason

Ceayhfkweaaqxb0 Jason Wishnow, who was integral in the creation of the TED video format, interviewed VICE news’ Jason Mojica. Vice News began as a show on VBS.TV which was VICE’s earliest experiment with online video along with various other shows about skateboarding, food & lifestyle. That lead to big ...

Spontaneous Togetherness Blog

Ceaoblcusaazq3k.jpg large Just after DLD celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Huffington Post, the next panel celebrated the 10 week anniversary of the live streaming app Meerkat, the app that has launched into the stratosphere just a few months ago. Near the end of February Rubin, one person in San Francisco, and ...